Counselling Offered

Counselling Services, Online Programs, and More!

We provide services for woman and youth in support of your Mental Health/Illness concerns. Offering an affordable solution with minimal wait times. Appointments are usually made with no more than a two week waiting period. Our services are not covered by OHIP insurance and you will need to check your individual health insurance to ensure private coverage.

Initial Consultations are always FREE and there are various FREE groups ran monthly. Reach out if you are interested in details. 

Services offered are in person, email, text, as well as online face to face meeting with skype, zoom, face time or any other platform you may have access to.

Youth Ages 10-15
Initial Consultation Free.
Session can be in person or video chat. Will travel if needed, however travel expense fee will be added depending on distance.

Young Adults Ages 16-24
Initial Consultation Free.
Session can be in person or video chat. 

Adults Ages 25+
Initial Consultation Free.
Session can be in person or chat.

Monthly discount and payment plans available.

Privacy and Confidentiality is our first priority. Please notify within 48 hours of a cancelled appointment or full payment for the session is due.

Monthly free groups commence on the first Monday of every month, if you would like to be included within the next session, please send an email to with the subject line FREE GROUP/MONTH. We will reach out with instructions within 48 hours.

Online Programs:

How to Manage Your Stress and Emotions Positively!

This program is a DBT inspired online program that helps with Acceptance, Acknowledgement and taking Action!

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