CBD Oil Day #1 – My personal Review

CBD Oil Day #1 Review.

Before I start I need to say, I am NOT against medications. Medications are there for a reason and a purpose and I am the FIRST person to go to my doctor and discuss a medication change or going on a particular medication.

However, I have hit a point of frustration with the amount of medications I am currently on for various things. I am a big fan and promoter of Natural Health remedies. This led to the research of CBD oil.

I took two doses yesterday and I have taken one dose so far for today.

I can not describe the feeling this morning. My head seemed so “Clear”. I am usually in a permanent state of “fog”, this morning I was not. It was SO weird.

For months all I have felt is “numb”. No real emotion and today I “felt” HAPPY. Like truly 100% could feel it. It was amazing. The kicker was my bestie told me today my “eyes looked happy” and not a fake happy but a real happy.

Coincidence? Possibly however I doubt it. I will keep going with this and keep everyone updated.

If your interested in checking out what I have purchased (I started with the 750) the link is below. Any questions PLEASE ask I am happy to discuss.

Why did I pick this company?

– No purchase necessary
– No hidden fees
– No Gimmicks
– No need to repurchase



Check it out for yourself!


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