Bell’s #letstalk is not enough

Please do not take this post as some bashing on Bell Canada or the initiative they put forth for their yearly #letstalk campaign. That is NOT what this is about at all.

However, I can’t help but wonder, criticize and think about what happens tomorrow?

Sure today it is AMAZING. Today there is SO much awareness. Everyone is hash-tagging, money is being donated, everyone is updating their Facebook profile pictures with the cute frames shouting out their support for Mental Health and the Bell Canada initiative.

But what happens tomorrow? What happens the next day when this campaign is over? When January 31st ends and all the hype goes away, Bell goes back to regular operations, the frames go away from people’s profile and it is “just another day”.

We will still be UNDER funded for the care people need DAILY, we will still be in NEED of beds and specialists wanting and willing to help. We will still have MONTHS of WAIT time to be seen or even diagnosed and people will STILL be committing suicide at a drastic rate because they are unable to get the help the TRULY need and DESERVE.

So yes, Bells #letstalk campaign is AMAZING. It helps. When are other massive companies going to pick a day and step up to help the crisis we are facing in this world? When is the much needed FUNDING from the government going to step in and help the people suffering on a daily basis get the assistance that they need?

So again, I know this may sound negative and I truly do not mean to be that way, the awareness and the support is great, I love it. However we need SO MUCH more!

So big companies and the government….. Who is next?!??……..

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