Christmas is not always the happiest time of the Year!

We are coming upon the most challenging and difficult time of the year for those that may be suffering from Mental Health concerns.

A time of year where it is to be happy, joyous and full of love and laughter, yet for some it may just not be the case.

This time of year for some can and will be the most difficult. The added stress of the holidays, the pressure of commitments and those that may not have anyone at all, get pushed to the forefront and can be unbearable to say the least.

A mother that suffers from extreme depression may not have enough money to purchase her children gifts this year. A father that may not have seen his children for years through no fault of his own. A child in foster care yearning for a family to love them this holiday season and find a family to love them. The woman in a shelter with no home of their own to put their own tree up. The grandparents that just had their hydro disconnected because they couldn’t pay the bills. The uncle sleeping on the park bench because he has no where to go.

I do not write this to put a damper on your holiday season. I do not write this to be a sponge of all things jolly and happy. I simply write this as a reminder to you that there are those less fortunate then yourself and if you are competing to be “The parent of the year”, “Buying the hottest toy to sell it for more”, “Throwing out food because you simply purchased to much”, perhaps you may need to take a moment and reevaluate the true meaning of the holiday season. The things money simply can not buy. A moment to stop and reflect on yourself and perhaps call that person in your life you haven’t spoke to in forever. That family member or friend that perhaps has no where to go or no one to be with this Holiday Season.

Can you imagine what may happen if each of us opened up just one more seat at our Holiday Table this year? The difference it may make.

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