Our Children need to be stronger than we EVER did! – When does the Bullying end?

In my day, sure there was bullying. I hate to admit it now but I myself would have been considered a bully at one point. I could also be considered a victim as well.
There is MAJOR SCARY differences from then til now and I strongly believe parents need to be VERY AWARE.

In “my day” when there was an altercation between two people, it usually ended in a fist fight behind the trees at school. Kind of the same today…. sorta. My day the two people would square off inside a circle of chanting children and throw fists. Not one other person got involved, there was no 6 kids vs 1, no guns, no knives no other bullshit of the sorts. When it started to get out of hand, someone jumped in to stop it.

Today? Today you have fights breaking out, kids bringing guns to schools, knives to schools. There are shootings, Stabbings and bomb threats on a daily basis. From CHILDREN!
When a fight does break out, anyone and everyone has a smart phone quick to video tape the fight and BLAST it out over every social media channel possible. CHILDREN kicking CHILDREN in the face and bystanders standing around video-tapping it!


In our day you were bullied at school. There was always the bullies waiting to make comments, take your lunch money and make your school day a living hell. However, when the bell rang and we went home, we returned to our safe place. Free from the bullying, name calling, threats and anything else.

Now? Now I contribute social media to the growing rates of Youth Depression as well as the escalating rates of suicide among teens.

Teens now a days have NO ESCAPE from the bullying. No safe place. They go home and they are still receiving threatening, belittling and damaging texts, tweets, snap chats, messages, emails, videos you name it.

They can open their Instagram or Facebook page and be SLAMMED with more extreme bullying now named “cyber-bullying” to no end in site. Leaving children feeling defeated, broken, lost and unsafe in their own skin.

How long until this NON-STOP bullying pushes an adolescent to the point where they BELIEVE they are useless? Believe the lies that are being told to them? All in a time in their life where self-image, finding themselves and dealing with their own changes. A recipe for disaster.

What can us parents do to help our children? Well, that will be my next blog so stay tuned for that one.

However, let me leave you with this before hand. If your child seems off, if your child seems upset you need to COMMUNICATE with them.

If your child shows signs of anger, bullying, disrespect, COMMUNICATE with them.

Most importantly let your children KNOW they ARE NEVER ALONE!

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