Mommy, I want to grow up to be an Addict.

I am a member of quite a few groups on Facebook as well as seen so many posts lately in regards to increased drug use, needle exchange programs and addicts within the areas in which people live.

I am finally at the point where I need to speak up about a few things. No I am not a “professional” and yes, this is strictly my opinion. Agree or Disagree, it holds no bearing however I need to get this out.

I can ASSURE ANYONE that has something negative to say about drug addiction and “addicts” have never once contemplated the fact that not one of these humans looked up at their parents growing up and said:

“Mommy, when I grow up I want to be an addict”.

GUARANTEED 100% those words NEVER came out of anyones mouth. Ever.

The other thing some people need to remember, is these HUMANS are just that. Humans. People. Mothers, Fathers, Sisters, Brothers etc that belong to SOMEONE. There are people in this world that care about these individuals and they are loved by them.

Yes, perhaps these families may have got to a point where they needed to protect themselves and others within their own families from this horrible disease. They had to make choices, but the fact remains that these so called “addicts” are PEOPLE needing help.

Yes, I am well aware there are addicts within the community that are violent, disrespectful and do illegal things. Just a thing to point out, there are people in this world that have NEVER used a drug in their life but yet, behave the same way.

Stereotyping is just that. Discrimination is just that and I would encourage you to possibly have a conversation with an “addict” that is homeless on the street. Majority of them WISH their life was different. Wish they had help and pray their circumstances change.

Most can not receive the help they need due to lack of resources, lack of funding and lack of availability of assistance. There just is NOT enough help for everyone that needs it.

Yes, I can see the point of “This is their Choice” and they “Choose to live this way”, to a certain extent. They may have “chosen” to take a certain drug, maybe it was once, perhaps a few times, however saying someone is CHOOSING to be an addict, is in my opinion, ludicrous.

Are you aware that there are studies that show a person can become addicted to a substance within 3 days of using? THREE DAYS! Most of the time the addiction has taken control before someone even realizes what is happening. The dependency grabs hold and a downward spiral ensues.

At some point, the NEED not WANT starts to take over. The pain of withdrawal can be EXTREMELY painful physically and mentally. At some point for an addict, it becomes a point of survival and avoiding the pain then it is to actually GETTING HIGH. Would you purposely stand in front of a train KNOWING the pain you are about to endure and NOT do something to AVOID it? Absolutely you would. You would do ANYTHING you possibly could to avoid the pain you are about to experience.

So yes, there are so many things going on within our society that need to be addressed when it comes to addiction. Education being a BIG ONE. The lack of resources available within our Province is embarrassing to someone like me just coming into the field.

I am not asking you to ACCEPT the drug problem. I am not asking you to LIKE it or do something you may be uncomfortable with. What I am asking is for you to become educated on the topic. Have an open mind and NEVER EVER forget these people are just that, people. They bleed the same blood as you and we need to focus on things to help the crises and take control, not sit and judge others for mistakes they may have made or continue to make.

3 thoughts on “Mommy, I want to grow up to be an Addict.

  1. I totally agree 100% on this. It’s terrible how outside people get “selfish” in a sense. They aren’t willing to think beyond their own opinions. Which is understandable but it’s just a simple “try and understand”. Everyone has their own way of living. Their own addictions etc. drugs are horrible, and can grow into devastation..

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