When is it time to ask for help?

First and foremost it is important to point out that every individual is different. This is what makes the world interesting, none of us are the same.

Each and every person has a different threshold that is unique to them. What one person can endure, is totally different than another person. It is important to realize this. Reason being, is I find some individuals are reluctant to reach out because “Susie” has a WAY worse situation than you do, and “Susie” appears to be handling things just fine. Well, you are NOT ‘Susie” and you are unique in your own way.

There are some major signs for me when I know that I require help. Help can come in many different ways. Help for someone could be a break from a situation, a coffee with a good friend, a quiet walk alone or seeking out help from a professional. Yes, even as a health coach, I myself reach out for help when it is needed and if any mental health professional tells you they have NEVER needed help, in my opinion you need to steer clear. It’s impossible to have not needed assistance at one point in your life, it’s called “Self-Care” and it is important.

So how is it you might know if you need some help? Well, below you will find a short list of some of the signs you may see when it is time to ask for help. This is not a full list and there may be things unique to you.

— You are becoming agitated at the little things
— You are feeling “blue” more often than not
— You get angry at the simplest things
— You have lost interest in the things you once found enjoyable
— You are withdrawing from things and people you love
— You may be drinking or using something else to make yourself feel better
— You find yourself spending money just to spend money
— You cry for no reason
— You just generally feel “unwell”
— You feel no one understands you

This is just a short list. The most obvious of when things may be going wonky and you need to re-evaluate your surroundings and perhaps how you are living your life. These are some key things that you need to pay attention to in order to ensure your mental health is on par.

The big one for me? I take a “step back” from my life and observe. I pretend that I am not me and I am taking an outside look at my own life. I then ask myself
“Is this person being the amazing mother she is?”
“Is this person a person that enjoys life?”
“Does this person appear happy?”
“Is this person someone that may need a little help?”

How I answer these questions honestly about myself, determines whether or not I need to re-evaluate what I am doing and perhaps reach out to someone to get some help.
It is NEVER to be embarrassing to reach out for help. You are not weak for doing so, in fact you just showed the greatest amount of strength you possibly could!

Stay Strong. Ask for Help. You are NOT alone.


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