There has to come a Time

So you have tried medication. You have tried relaxation, meditation, and everything in between and NOTHING appears to be working.

You have not received the outcome you had so desperately wanted each and every time you tried something new. You are left with the feeling of dread  and disappointment that you will forever be the way that you are, and you may as well give up.

Sound Familiar?

I know it sounds way to familiar to me. I have tried everything and anything just to make myself feel better. To make myself not feel anything and to try and “get better” and nothing seemed to be working either fast enough or good enough to my standards. I wanted fixed and I wanted fixed right away.

It wasn’t until I realized that in order for me to be truly fixed, I needed to view all of the things above as what they truly were and dig deep within myself and realize no one was coming to save me.

You see, medication, coping techniques, therapy, and anything else that may be suggested are merely just aids in assisting you to your potential. Items and/or actions needed to assist YOU on your journey.

There comes a time when you realize that there are no quick fixes, no immediate results and that there is no knight in shining armor coming to rescue you. You and you alone (with the assistance of these aids if need be) will be what gets you to where you need to be.

This is a humbling experience and can be extremely difficult. Humans never want to face their own stuff and they never want to humble themselves to think of themselves as “less than perfect”. What you need to realize is that you ARE perfect in the way YOU were meant to be.

The true healing begins when you take a step back from your current situation and evaluate WHO you TRULY are as a person and where you want to be in life. Magic begins when you forgive yourself for any past doing, acknowledge both your strengths and weaknesses and set a plan in place to help manage yourself, taking care of yourself and LOVING yourself for who you really are.

Medication, Therapy and everything in between will most certainly not work if you are not ready to face your crap head on to start with.

Healing begins within. Are you ready?



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