Do you have a self-care plan?

Picture credit: Avivah Werner

In a world overcome by stress, lack of time and so many commitments, the human race is becoming sicker and sicker. Everyone is left with “no time” for themselves, running on empty and a lot are turning to self-medicating themselves with either drugs or alcohol. Some addictions may not be as clear as these obvious ones like shopping, online time, television watching, and so on, but addictions none the less. Anything to distract us from the reality from which we live and not having the proper coping mechanisms to ensure a healthy lifestyle.

So What IS a Self-Care anyway?

Self care is a practice or activities we put in place to ensure we are living and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  Self-care helps to prevent burnout, helps relationships and makes you more effective within your own life.

So What IS a Self-Care PLAN?

A Self-Care plan is a WRITTEN discovery and in the end, a plan, you can have with you to remind yourself of what may need to be done or not done when you know you are not properly taking care of yourself. A resource for YOU and ONLY you to reference when times get tough, because lets be honest, times will get tough and that is usually when our own self-care goes out the window.

What should be included in your Self-Care plan?

Well, you can include anything you would like to be honest. There are a few things you need to do in order to get there, they can be tough, but you will need to be 100% honest with yourself for it to be effective. No one can force you to do this, and no one can force you to engage in the activities you set forth for yourself. That is you and you alone.

Things  you need to evaluate are:

  • What are your current coping skills? Positive and Negative?
  • What are your daily/weekly and or monthly self care needs? What are you currently doing and what would you like to see yourself doing?
  • What is your plan in an Emergency situation?
  • What are your barriers and areas for improvement?
  • Lastly, put the plan into action.

This is not a project to be taken lightly, and those that take it seriously and are wanting change, can see a major improvement within themselves after some practice of course.

If you are interested in joining me in a FREE self-care plan building workshop within a PRIVATE group on facebook, send me a message at and we can get you in. Workshops are held monthly and are for those serious for change.

You can not fill anyone else’s cup if YOURS is empty. Love yourself like you love others!

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