Is Your Couch Really 6 Skids and A Mattress?!?


Person “Is your living room couch skids and a mattress?”
Me “Yes sir-re it sure is”
Person “Why don’t you have a real couch?”
Me “What do you mean?”
Person “Can you not afford a couch?”
Me “I’m sure I could, but why what’s the point?”

I am well aware there will be people reading this, laughing, judging, maybe even a few that are perplexed by this and to be fully honest? I actually don’t care, but for those wondering…. let me explain.

Yes, in our living room boasts a “couch” made from six skids and a mattress on top. Nicely covered with a massive blanket and half-assed decorated with some fake flowers to make it look “pretty”.Can we “afford” a couch? Probably, if I actually cared to purchase one. But why?

One thing that has stuck with me since I was a small child are the words of my single mother, “It does not matter WHAT you have, it’s HOW you keep it, and as long as we are together, that is all we NEED”. You see, my mother told us that repeatedly. Growing up with a single mother, we never really had a lot of money to spend on “things”. My mother chose to save our money and use it to DO things together and surprise us every once in a while when we behaved.

I guess this has stuck with me throughout the years and I tell my children the same thing.

You see, I guess I could go out and spend 1000’s of dollars on a high end living room set. Perhaps ya, I could spend some money on a used couch off of Kijiji or some other buy and sell if I wanted. I don’t want to!

Here is what I know. Regardless of if it is six skids and a mattress OR a high end designer living room set, these facts still remain:

  • My children will STILL lay on it with their shoes on (regardless if its not allowed)
  • My animals will STILL get up on it (regardless if its not allowed)
  • REGARDLESS of free OR thousands of dollars, GUARANTEED some one OR some pet is going to puke, pee, poop or spill something on it.
  • We can all snuggle to watch a family movie and the kids will STILL fight over who sits where, with most ending up on the floor.
  • When I die, GUARANTEED not one of my kids is going to request the couch (or mattress for that matter) to be the “thing” to keep of mine.
  • Regardless of FREE or $500 bucks, it’s not going to last a lifetime and will need to be replaced at some point.
  • Memories are made REGARDLESS of the cost of your STUFF
  • My children WILL NOT love me less because they did NOT have a thousand dollar couch to sit on.

There are a few more I can point out, but I am sure at this stage you get the point. I am the least bit concerned with material things. “Stuff” is just not on my priority list at this point in my life. Making memories and focusing on all the things in life that truly matter is the be all end all for me, and I will be sure to pass this philosophy on to my children as they grow older.

To many times I see people focus to much on the material things in life and needing MORE that they forget what is truly important. What ACTUALLY matters in this life.

Final thoughts? Those that may be judging because of the “furniture” in my home? That’s cool, your probably not the person I would invite over for movie night anyway because guaranteed you would suck the fun out of everything anyway.

Live YOUR life. Love YOUR life. Just be YOU.

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