Is your Prescription A Conspiracy?

There are a few things I would like to clear up prior to anyone reading any further. Just a “disclosure” if you will.

First things first, this blog is MY OPINION. My thoughts, my theories and ALL ME. No way am I stating these are CONCRETE FACTS of any sort, but more so something to ponder and perhaps think about.

The next thing? I am NOT against medication. I do not judge, condone, ridicule ANYONE for taking medications. I myself have been prescribed and used many medications within my day for my mental health, some have been successful; others have not been. EACH and EVERY one of us are entitled to do what is BEST for themselves. What works for one, may not work for another and I am NOT in ANY position to tell you otherwise, nor would I.

Next? I am not lumping ALL doctors, nurses, practitioners, medical providers into this. I am NOT referring to one SPECIFIC doctor, area of practice or otherwise. I assure you there are some VERY fantastic specialists, doctors and health practitioners out there. I have met them.

We are ALL 100% RESPONSIBLE for ourselves. I can NOT stress enough to people to ASK questions, RESEARCH your diagnosis and prescriptions. If you do not get the answer you are looking for, or comfortable with, KEEP ASKING. You have a RIGHT to know what is being given to you, where it came from, what are the benefits, what are the risks.

All to often people accept what their Doctor is telling them as gospel because they are “Doctors”. Please remember, they are ALSO humans. They do NOT know EVERYTHING and they can MAKE MISTAKES. Also, they only know what they know, what they have been taught and what they believe. This may or may not align with your beliefs, your perspective or your goals. They however, will not know this if you do not vocalize it.

Consider this. When you go to a physician for your physical health (I am NOT referring to mental health in this part of my writings) whether that be high blood pressure, physical pain, skin stuff, whatever, there is usually a string of tests involved. They check your vitals, listen to your heart, take blood and perhaps order other testing that may be needed to come to a conclusive result. Correct? They look for concrete “evidence” in order to know exactly what they are dealing with and what they may need to do to treat it.

Let’s pop over to the mental health profession shall we? How are Mental Health issues diagnosed? What “evidence” do they go on? What is the course of action?

Well, here goes.

70% of Mental Health “Diagnosis” are occurring every day by non-specialist family health practitioners (if that is even a title lol) and BILLIONS of dollars worth of medication are being prescribed during the first visit.

How do they come to their “Diagnosis”? Well, by asking a series of questions listed on a questionnaire. You answer “yes” or “no” and state how long you may have been feeling this way. This in turn prompts a discussion of what “may” be going on, then, majority of time, a prescription is written to help you with your “condition”. This is the same with both children and adults. According to these questionnaires, EVERY person on the planet could potentially be diagnosed with some sort of “Mental Illness”. Depending on the day, time etc your outcome could be completely different.

Let’s refer to the term “Chemical Imbalance” shall we?

What exactly is a Chemical Imbalance? How many of YOU have been told you may have a chemical imbalance within your system and it needs to be treated? Well, I have. Did you know there is NO medical test to PROVE a chemical imbalance? This term is a myth and it was made up by the pharmaceutical companies as a marketing ploy to sell medications.

A majority of appointments end with a prescription of some sort being written. These medications are POTENT and most, ADDICTING drugs, offered with a promise of feeling better.  Thousands of individuals are killed monthly from prescription medications AND over half of suicides are of individuals that are ON psych medications.

How many different medications have you personally been prescribed? Me, I lost count at 13. A trial and error process to find the right “pill” to “fix” you. To me, a dangerous combination.

Let’s dive into the “Conspiracy Theory” I mentioned, shall we? Do you KNOW how much money is in the Pharmaceutical Industry? Their Profits?

BILLIONS. Literally BILLIONS AND BILLIONS of dollars, with everyone trying to get a small piece of the pie. Pharmaceutical Reps are trained to scope out the “high prescription” writers to market their medications to, in order to get the most bang for their buck.

Where do you think a majority of funding comes from? In my opinion? The pharmaceutical companies. There are SO many studies, papers, videos etc out there showing links between the medical professionals and the drug companies, that it is MIND BLOWING. Doctors are receiving grants, funding, payouts etc FROM the drug companies to promote their products. The more you promote and prescribe a certain medication for mental health, the more financial gain you stand to receive.

Physicians are mandated to take a certain amount of Continuing Education Credits and learning. Usually in the form of seminars, classes etc. Who do you think is holding these seminars? Where do you think the funding is coming from? ….

Now PLEASE, do NOT get me wrong, I am DEFINITELY NOT saying EVERY single physician on the planet is ONLY prescribing medications for some sort of financial gain, I am NOT saying this at all, I am just simply saying perhaps you need to educate yourself on some things before accepting and filling a prescription you may or may not need.

Again, I am NOT against medication. That is NOT what I am getting at. What I am saying is sometimes we may be to quick to fill that script as we are so lost on how we feel and we just want to “feel better” that perhaps our judgement is not as clear as it needs to be.

Instead of people allowing “NORMAL” emotions, we are all to quick to mask it with a pill. There is NO money in Health. The money is in the treatment, and to me, this saddens me.

There needs to a healing process. There needs to be something in place for you to manage and cope prior to jumping onto a medication. Sometimes, its as “easy” as finding the right person to talk to. Sometimes we are sad because we are sad. Angry because we are angry and happy because we are happy. Sometimes “bouncing back” isn’t a matter of a day, a week or even a month. Sometimes we need more time as humans to process.

The reality is, in my opinion,  we are quick to jump at a quick fix option of a medication because the pain of dealing with our emotions is to much to bear. What happens when you stop taking the medications? What happens when it doesn’t “work” for you anymore? Well, all those emotions and feeling are still there and still very much REAL. They were just buried and masked by the side effects of a small pill.

The solution? My Suggestion when it comes to medication and Mental Health?

Well, it needs to be a longer process. Referrals to specialists within the field NEED to be made. Observations and Journalism of thoughts, feelings etc need to be documented over longer periods of time to help determine the ROUTE of the issue. TALK therapy NEEDS to be MORE of a thing. People need to release emotions, accept their feelings and TRY healthier alternatives to combat said issues BEFORE jumping onto a medication.

These opinions and strategies are NOT referring to EMERGENCY situations. EMERGENCIES are EMERGENCIES and NEED to be dealt with accordingly and PROMPTLY by a PROFESSIONAL in perhaps a critical care center.

Ending the stigma around “mental health” and having people OPENLY talk about things with people they trust, may just perhaps be the solution you need to feel better. Talking to our children OPENLY may STOP the spiral into what I refer to as the “rabbit hole” before it starts. Being open and honest and reaching out to someone would be the ultimate first step for ANYONE. It honestly can go a long way.

Sadly, I think this “trend” will never end. My hopes is to SLOW it down however and perhaps spark the minds of a few individuals.  With a society of people that are always stressed, rushed and “has no time” looking for a quick fix coupled with family physicians with a quick pen to paper attitude and pharmaceutical companies pumping the money, we are looking at a difficult journey.

All I ask is of you is to RESEARCH, ASK questions, take RESPONSIBILITY for YOU and be INFORMED of what is going on around you. What is being asked of you? What are LONG TERM effects? Be RESOURCEFUL for YOU and YOUR HEALTH. It is IMPORTANT!








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